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National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.
Bergen/Passaic Chapter





Arts and Culture Committee: Chaired by Sonia Tracey

The committee promotes the African-American culture inspired by history, yesterday’s stories and today’s topics. The committee ensures that African-American creative expression is recognized and encouraged by the Chapter and the community at large by sponsoring book signings and discussions, theatre functions, visits to museums, exhibit productions and nurturing an audience for the Arts. One of our signatory initiatives is the contribution to the Teaneck International Film Festival (TIFF) which is an annual event.

Economic Development Committee: Chaired by Denise Belcher

The committee promotes the economic stability and advancement of African American women and the community by sponsoring symposiums, workshops and community forums on pertinent economic issues. The committee collects and distributes information on employment opportunities, retirement, life insurance, investments, home ownership, estate planning and focuses on health issues that promote economic wellness. The committee also collaborates with leading industry experts on educating college bound students on financing their education.

Education Committee: Chaired by Judi Ramos

The committee develops and implements programs that enhance and encourage leadership skills in young girls, and advocates in support of educational issues for black women of all ages. In support of its National Organization, the committee works to eliminate disparities, improve educational outcomes, support STEM/STEAM educational opportunities and ensures equity in education and college preparedness for Black women and girls. Locally, the Education Committee sponsors or participates in various STEM/STEAM events that further the promotion of these career fields to elementary and middle school aged children. The Committee also supports HBCU’s and all issues surrounding Access and Affordability. The Education Committee sponsors programs that also enhance the community’s understanding of college choice, college application procedures and college affordability issues. We conduct workshops and forums that provide valuable resources, advocacy strategies and support, and assists with both highlighting and communicating issues, locally or globally, that affect educational outcomes.

Fundraising Committee: Chaired by Elizabeth Carter

Develops fundraising initiatives sponsored by NCBW Bergen/Passaic Chapter.

Health Committee: Chaired by Ketsia Alerte-Sadler

The committee believes that health is more than the absence of illness; it is a state of well-being. We embrace a definition of health in its broadest form. Knowledge is the key. Education and advocacy for issues related to maintaining wellness, illness prevention, the recognition of health disparities and the awareness of health related careers. The overall wellness of the African-American Woman and her family is our concern. Priority areas of focus for the Health Committee include heart and cardiovascular diseases, HIV/AIDS education, nutrition, breast cancer awareness, and education/awareness of the affordable care act.

Membership Committee: Chaired by Beverly Jackson-Baker

The Membership committee recruits, receives and reviews the applications for membership and provides orientation and induction for new members. They also encourage networking among members, and conducts membership activities.

Public Policy Committee: Chaired by Charlene Gordon

The committee focuses on the local, state and national political areas, through voter education, registration and research. Public Policy also encourages the membership and others to become actively involved in the political process on every level. We also discuss and develop legislative letters, position papers and policy alerts, and host local candidates’ forum. Members attend local and national conferences such as, but not limited to, The Black Women’s Agenda, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., National NCBW 100 Annual Legislative Days in Washington, D.C. and the New Jersey Black Issues Conference.

Public Relations Committee: Chaired by Michelle Okolo

The committee is responsible for raising awareness on the chapter’s initiatives including informing the community and local sponsors about upcoming events and programs. The committee also manages the chapter’s social media, website and digital platforms to ensure the organization’s brand is accurately represented to the public. Other relationships managed and leveraged by the committee include the local and statewide media, churches, and other non-profit organizations with similar goals.

Role Model Program: Chaired by Dawn Tennent

The committee mentors high school girls from the 9th to 12th grades. Our purpose is to empower, educate and provide direction during this delicate period of personal growth. Activities such as public speaking, current events, book club, financial literacy, art and cultural awareness, writing skills, college/ scholarship search, career forums, health awareness, community service and philanthropy are used as tools to develop well rounded young ladies.


Focusing on local, state and national political areas through voter education, registration and research.


The overall wellness of the African-American Woman and her family is our concern. Knowledge is the key.


Enhancing and encouraging leadership skills in young girls. Advocating in support of educational issues for black women of all ages.


Promoting the economic stability and advancement of African American women through symposiums, workshops and community forums.

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